About Us

Introduction to Support Service Centre For Ethnic Minorities (SSCEM)

Yuen Long Town Hall Support Service Centre For Ethnic Minorities (SSCEM) is established on June 2009 which is currently sponsored by Home Affairs Department (HAD). Currently, we are providing Chinese(Cantonese) & English languages courses, computer courses, support groups, orientation programmes, employment programmes, cultural activities, children and youths programmes, integration and racial harmony programmes etc.


Project objectives

  • To facilitate the integretion of the ethnic minorities into the society;
  • To provide language training for the ethnic minorities to impove their proficiency in both Chinese and English;
  • To build up the capacity of the ethnic minorities to tackle problems;
  • To assist the ethnic minorities in getting acces to community resources and social services.


Service provision

  • Language classes in both Chinese(Cantonese) and English at different levels
  • Computer classes
  • Orientation and familiarization programmes
  • Support groups
  • Inclusion and cultural harmony programmes
  • Volunteer Service
  • Cultural activities
  • Family activities
  • Children and youths programmes
  • Drop in service
  • Group and mass activities for different functional or age groups
  • Personal and vocational counselling and guidance
  • Activities for ethnic minorities senior citizens


Our service targets

We serve ethnic minorities who permanently settled in Hong Kong regardless of race, ethnicity, religion and gender.

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